Alford Community Action Plan – Meeting

Just a quick reminder that you are invited to the upcoming Working Together in the Howe of Alford meeting.

Date and Time: 7-9pm Wednesday 13th March 2018 Venue: Alford Community Campus d68/69

Similarly to Decembers meeting we’ll be looking through the Howe of Alford Community Action Plan discussing what’s progressing, what’s not progressing. There will also be the chance to raise any other business that your aware of that could be important to the Howe of Alford community.

It would be useful if you could confirm you can attend and share this invite with others who may be interested. If you are not able to come along on Wednesday but have news about projects progressing related to the plan would be great if you could give me a brief update and I can add this to the monitoring exersize we’ll be doing at the meeting. For your interest please also see link to the Howe of Alford Community Action Plan