It has come to our attention that residents in Banchory and Inverurie are being targeted at home by individuals, claiming to be from the NHS, asking them to complete a medical questionnaire. It seems this information is being fed back to an organisation, who then ring the patient and say they are a Doctor from the local surgery. As they have all the information from the questionnaire the patient completed, they sound completely convincing. One patient in Inverurie was told the man calling was a Dr Jack Williams from Inverurie Medical Centre. He told the patient that they needed to be prescribed another medication and he could see they were already taking seven, but this was an extra one they needed. He then asked the patient for their card details, which he claimed was for security purposes and no money would be taken. Of course, he lied and £87.50 was removed from the patient’s account and paid to ‘Sera Wellbeing Ltd’. We are concerned that our own patients may be approached by these individuals and wish to make it clear that they are NOT from the practice and we have not been informed of any research being carried out by NHS Grampian in the area. Please NEVER give out your card details and, if you are visited by an individual you weren’t expecting or don’t recognise, please do not let them in or give them any medical information without checking with the surgery/clinic/social work etc, that they are who they say they are. If you have not requested a house call from the surgery or recognise the individual as a clinician from the practice or Health Clinic, then we would advise you not to let them into your house or give them any personal information. Dr Blues will be carrying out a patient survey in the near future but this is clearly marked as from the practice; will be given to you on the premises; contains no patient identifiable information and does not ask for any medical details.