Car Park Relining

The lining work for Alford Car park has been rescheduled for Monday 14th January. It will of course be weather permitting again, but hopefully it is on our side this time.
The lining contractor will not be on site until approx. 9am and they will be a while before they mark everything out. The main contractors will work with the parents of the nursery regarding them gaining access to the nursery and likewise with the Royal Mail teams.
The Royal Bank of Scotland will be allowed access by Grampian Transport Museum to have their van near the entrance of Gate 4, near the public toilets at the entrance to the car park. Users of the bank service will also be able to access through the gate either as pedestrians or with vehicles.
Many thanks for all your patience with this. If you could let others in the community know that would be great.
The contractors have put advance warning signage out too.