Cash bonus for young drivers!

Calling all young learner drivers. Are you an Aberdeenshire resident, under 25 and about to take your driving test? Then once you pass you will be eligible to receive £150 towards the cost of a ‘Pass Plus Course’. This course is designed to give newly qualified drivers lessons on driving in the varied road conditions they will meet when they start to drive on their own. Aberdeenshire has many miles of rural roads. It is on these roads that most road traffic collisions happen and newly-qualified drivers often underestimate the dangers of driving on them. The course consists of six modules covering driving at night, in all weathers and driving on dual carriageways. The course costs between £170 and £200 but the Aberdeenshire Community Safety Groups will contribute £150 towards this cost. Funds are limited so ‘first come, first served’! For more information on how to apply go to