Climbing Wall at the Campus

As many of you will know many people were excited as to having such a great facility within the local community when the campus opened, especially as the nearest alternative climbing wall is in Aberdeen, a round trip of 50 miles.  However young people find it difficult to get there by public transport unless they have the active support of their parents or relations.

At present, nearly a year after the new campus opened, we still find the climbing wall closed to the general public (and as far as I am aware, the same is true of other facilities at the campus, including the theatre). The cost of installing the wall (and the theatre) must have been considerable and as this is supposed to be a COMMUNITY facility there has been rumblings within the village that some of the facilities at the campus are actually a community facility in name only.

A local resident has set up an online poll regarding the climbing wall at the new community campus with the intention of discovering the depth of feeling over this issue and highlight the issue with the Council.  If you feel strongly about this please visit and vote at the page he has set up at:-


4 thoughts on “Climbing Wall at the Campus

  1. Gavin

    After 24 hrs, 565 have responded to the poll, to say that they would like the wall to be opened up. A truly amazing response!

    Thanks to everyone for voting, and sharing it around, as well as providing some useful comments and suggestions via Facebook.

    Here’s to the next step!

  2. AlfordWebTeam1 Post author

    Please keep us up to date on the issue. You may also wish to get in touch with the Donside Community Council to get their attention and assistance.

  3. Gavin

    I’ve had a very good meeting with Gillian Wood and Donald Fraser (Community Leisure Officers) at the Campus, and shared with them the results of the online poll, which had generated an amazing 740 votes for the wall to be opened to the public, and of those, 712 had also asked that a club be set up.

    On the first issue, that of public access, they are creating a new job role to act as a climbing supervisor/instructor, however that may take at least a few months before someone is in post.

    I am therefore looking to gather interest from anyone in the area keen to help create a climbing club, as this would allow people to start climbing at club sessions, under the control of appropriately qualified volunteers.

    A ‘kick off’ meeting is provisionally scheduled for Mon 12th Sept, at 19:00 in the Community Campus. A Facebook group has also been created to help gather interested individuals, and allow ideas to be discussed. Please request access at

  4. Gavin

    We had a positive meeting the other night, with sixteen people attending. After a quick look at the wall, we discussed the various issues which we are facing in getting a kids climbing club set up, and how long it would take to get public access (outside a club).

    It was felt that there was more than enough interest to justify getting a kids climbing club set up now, and to affiliate that club with Mountaineering Scotland. Support is available from Climb Scotland, with the Regional Development Officer, Paul Calton, attending the meeting, and pledging to help in any way he can with the set up and support of the new club.

    The next meeting is scheduled for 7pm on Monday 19th September, again in the Campus, in order to get into the detail of what is involved in setting up the club.

    Any interested parents, who don’t even need to be climbers themselves, are kindly invited in order that we have enough people to form a committee and agree on an initial constitution.

    If all goes well, we would like to get running evening sessions by the end of October, maybe sooner!