Contact the Elderly – Alford, update.

A warm welcome, tea, cake and companionship are all essentials for a successful Sunday afternoon Tea Party.
Contact the Elderly, a UK wide charity have a long history of setting up and supporting monthly Sunday gatherings across the country.
Local Area Co-ordinator for the North East, Denise Robson welcomed folks from the Alford area including senior pupils of Alford Academy at the volunteer recruitment and information morning held recently at the Community Campus. Denise explained why Sunday Afternoon Tea Parties are so important for older people who perhaps don’t have the opportunity to get out much or don’t get many visitors. The gatherings can be a real lifeline in keeping people connected and offer older people the opportunity to have a couple of hours out of the house with good company, making it something to definitely look forward to each month.
To make Sunday Afternoon Tea Parties happen in the Alford area we are still looking for some more volunteers. There are a number of different ways you can support this and a variety of volunteer opportunities which vary from once or twice a year to something more regular each month.
Hosts – offer a warm welcome and a simple afternoon tea to a small group of older guests (6-8 people). To make sure this is accessible, hosts homes should have a downstairs toilet and few or no steps. Organised on a rota, it is likely that you will only be asked to host a couple of Sundays’ each year.
Driver’s – Volunteer driver’s use their own car to collect 1-2 people each month. They collect the same people each month from their homes, driving them to the host’s home to spend a couple of hours together over tea before returning home.
Reserve Drivers– If you are not able to drive every month, please consider applying as one of our reserve drivers to cover when regular drivers are not available.
If you are interested in any of the above opportunities please contact Denise Robson, Contact the Elderly.
T: 01542 285010