Drone Found

Folks – I am relieved and very happy to tell everyone that my drone was found today at 14:20 by Dianne Sutherland at Number 11 Leslie. I saw earlier that the data map recorded on my iphone had shown that it had landed very close to 11 or 13 Leslie before shutting down. I went down about 12:00 and knocked on Dianne’s door and she very kindly had a look around her garden but could not see any thing. Then later she phoned me to say that she had just noticed that there was something sitting on the roof of her son’s car at the front drive! THERE IT WAS! It had made a slow controlled low speed landing (I checked the data afterwards) onto the car and this drone has soft rubber feet so not a mark. However the manufacturers spec says that it should find an open area of land, such as a lawn or drive or close-by park before it lands. SO I will need to check back with DJI.

Landed safely