Free Pottery Class at SSW

Wednesday 27th September 5- 7pm, Scottish Sculpture Workshop Ceramics studio. Florence Dwyer has been on residency at SSW for the past 3 weeks developing her pottery skills on and off the pottery wheel and has been learning the basic mechanics of the kick-wheel. Inspired by the pottery term “centring”, when you try and get the clay into the very centre of the wheel, she is particularly interested in questioning what it means to be ‘knocked sideways’ and how clay can help us understand how to get ourselves centred again. The workshop offers an opportunity to learn the mechanics of the kick wheel and have a taster of centring solo and in tandem with others. Florence is excited to host everyone and be sure to not wear precious clothes! This is a free event, accessible to all abilities and ages. For more information, drop us a line at or 01464 861372