Hot from the press – First Edition of the BULLetin

As mentioned in an earlier post there was a proposal to produce a community magazine about Alford.  It has now come to fruition!  See below for the comments made by the distributor of the BULLetin.

Truly delightful day spent distributing the first issue of The BULLetin in and around Alford.
Thank you so much for the lovely welcome, what a friendly bunch you are!
You can pick up a copy (free) from the Alford Academy Community Campus and Library, Tick Tock Play, The Co-operative Food and Alford Heritage Museum in Mart Road, the Grampian Transport Museum, Alford, WM Murray, The Cheery Cup, The Post Office, K & A Anderson and Craigievar Castle.
If you would like to be in the next issue in June, get in touch. Remember, information about local groups and events etc is free to put in, ads start from £25.
As I drove out of the village I was treated to the sight of primary school children making their way to presumably an end of term church service on the Main Street. I think almost every child waved at me, for no reason other than that I was driving past, in a terrific Mexican caterpillar wave.
Absolutely made my day.
Think I’m going to like working here.

They have a Facebook page see