Passionate Gardeners Required

Plans have been set in place to develop the Alford Community garden at the new campus. To help us develop plans and ideas, Aberdeenshire Council are looking for volunteers. They hope that there will be enough volunteers to take any agreed plans or projects forward.

Location of the garden is at Alford Community Campus on Greystone Road. We are looking for some passionate gardeners/enthusiastic volunteers with good interpersonal & practical skills to become part of the project. They don’t need to bring their own tools, as we have a garden shed here already with equipment in it that they can use. We have a couple of things on the horizon project wise, one of which is a children’s ‘sensory wall’ which I am looking to develop in consultation with a number of community groups that access the campus. We are also hoping to do an art project in the garden in partnership with some young people from Alford Academy, which I would look to involve the volunteers in as well. We also ask volunteers for their own input and welcome their own ideas of what they would like to see happen in the space. Main focus of the project overall, is that this will be a community useable resource & that all will feel welcome to access & contribute to the space.

If any of you watch Beechgrove Garden you will have seen some of the splendid community gardens that have been developed by communities across Scotland.  Could we set ourselves the goal of making it on to the Beechgrove Garden show? Let’s get together and show what Alford can do – looking at some of the gardens around the village I am sure we could challenge the best.

If you are interested please email Kirsty Muirden at: to enable her to set up an initial meeting.