Scams in Aberdeenshire

Please be aware of the scams noted below which are doing the rounds in Aberdeenshire right now.


  • One scam involved puppies being put on a website and advertised for sale for £300 each. Payment arrangements involved a direct bank transfer from the victim’s bank account directly to the scammer’s but the day before the puppy was due to be picked up, the scammer deleted their contact details from the webpage, all attempts at contact were ignored and no money was returned.  If you intend to purchase a puppy ask to view it first, at home and with its mother.  Ensure any deposit you make is traceable or backed by a receipt and if made online or by bank transfer be aware that these may have differing levels of protection if something goes wrong.  Further advice can be found at


  • Another scam which is currently coming to our attention involves e-mails advising that the recipient’s subscriptions to legitimate services such as Netflix and Spotify have been stopped due to problems with the subscription payment. These types of e-mails usually contain a hyperlink which the recipient is advised to click on to start the process of straightening out the problem or to switch to a premium service. This will usually involve providing your bank details. It may also be that the sender’s e-mail address shows as Netflix or Spotify but by hovering your cursor over that address, a new and true e-mail address appears onscreen. Our advice is never to click on the hyperlink of these types of e-mails, never respond to them but if you subscribe to such a service, open the company’s website on your internet browser, independent of the e-mail, and log in there to review payments and subscriptions.  Further information can be found at


  • Finally, when reporting doorstep crime, try to remember key details about the trader such as vehicle type, signage and registration numbers. Note the appearance, age, accents and names of any callers. Keep all original paperwork, leaflets and brochures.