Tarland Seed Swap and Potato Day

Here are a couple of the 25 varieties of potato that we’ll have on sale (bulk purchased from a seed potato supplier in Scotland), at the Tarland Seed Swap and Potato Day on the 25th February. Two lady potatoes this time: the distinguished Lady Balfour and the outrageous Red Emily!

Organic Lady Balfour: This variety was named after Lady Eve Balfour – a pioneer of the UK organic movement. A good performer in poorer or peaty soils. Lady Balfour is scab and eelworm resistant. A good performer for organic growing, and long storage. She’s a second early and can be boiled or roasted. It has a uniform oval shape, creamy skin and pale tasty flesh. It performs well as mash, boiled or wedges.

Red Emily: This striking potato has red skin and red flesh. Red Emily is an early main crop. Makes a beautiful meal baked, roasted, boiled or steamed.

And just in case you can’t wait any longer for the whole list, the others that will be available are: Maris Bard, Colleen, Maris Peer, Nicola, Bambino, Foxtons, EM10, Orla, Cara, Record, Rabinta, Sarpo Mira, Setanta, Arran Victory, Golden Wonder, Highland Bergundy Red, Salad Blue, Yukon Gold, Sarpo Axona, Sarpo Blue Danube, Pink Fur Apple,  Red Duke of York and Red King Edward.