Dial-a-Bus Service Reduction

More news about bus service reductions – this time about the A to B Dial a Bus service.  We received the following notice of service reduction in Alford and the removal of the service in Strathdon.

I am writing to advise that the Council’s contracts for the Alford A2B and Strathdon A2B dial-a-bus services operated by Stagecoach expire in August 2017.  Due to the need for the Council to make efficiency savings the existing Stagecoach dial-a-bus services will be withdrawn from week commencing 21 August.

Alford A2B (service reduction): This Wednesday and Friday service, which is open to the general public, operates between 0830 hours and 1300 hours on a door-to-door basis with all journeys pre-booked   http://www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/roads-and-travel/public-transport/a2b-dial-a-bus/alford/   The service is poorly used compared to other bus services so consideration is being given to replacing the existing twice-weekly service with a Council-operated dial-a-bus service operating on one day per week.  Most trips are made wholly within Alford and some of these can be made by using Stagecoach bus services:  X18 (Alford – Westhill – Aberdeen); X20 (Alford – Kemnay – Aberdeen); 231 (Alford – Huntly); 421 (Alford – Kemnay – Inverurie); or 422 (Alford – Insch).  In addition, the Alford Car Transport scheme may be able to help with transport to medical appointments.

Strathdon A2B (service withdrawal):   http://www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/roads-and-travel/public-transport/a2b-dial-a-bus/strathdon/  This Thursday service is very poorly used so it will be withdrawn.  Statistics over the last six months indicate a decline in usage from Strathdon with on average only one person per month travelling. Other passengers using the service travel between locations that are served by Service 231 (Huntly – Lumsden – Alford).  Strathdon will continue to be served by Service 219 (school bus) and the Silver Circle’s minibus shopping service which receives Council funding.  The Silver Circle also operates a volunteer car scheme providing transport to health appointments.

If you require further information regarding this matter or you have any particular concerns regarding these proposals please get in touch with:-

Marion Mackay

Principal Officer (DRT, Fares and Ticketing)
Public Transport Unit
Infrastructure Services
Aberdeenshire Council
tel. 01467 538103 (internal 761 8103)