SSE Proposed Upgrading of Beauly – Kintore Power Line

SSE has shelved plans to upgrade the powerline between Beauly in the Highlands and Kintore in Aberdeenshire.
The energy firm had proposed reinforcing the existing line so it can carry more electricity. Following an annual review of infrastructure project, the National Grid said the upgrade was not needed as this time. SSE said the scheme, which was opposed by the National Trust for Scotland, could be proposed again in the future.

Last year, SSE selected its preferred “corridor” for the project.

The corridor is the area of land in which the route of the upgraded line would be built. SSE made its selection from three possible corridors. The company said it had sought to avoid historic sites and landscapes, such as Culloden Battlefield and Bennachie.

Many objectors will be heartened by this announcement but the upgrade has not been cancelled only shelved.  It is perfectly possible that SSE will reopen the project in future years but I am sure that, given the level of objections over the plans, SSE will find no shortage of future objections.  It is time for SSE to think again and cancel the whole project.