New Parent Support Group, ‘SPIKIN AUTISM’

‘Spikin Autism’, a new support group for parents of children with autism, has begun it’s fortnightly meetings for 2017. The group meets every second Wednesday at Alford Community Campus in Community Room 2, from 10am-11.30am. This group provides a welcoming, relaxed environment for parents to not only share experiences, resources & information to help their children, but also to reduce their own feelings of ‘being alone’ and to provide one another with some much needed support.

Next meeting of the group is Wednesday 25th January. Further group meeting dates are detailed on the Alford Community Calendar. Please come along if you feel you could benefit from being a part of this group. Alternatively, email for more information.

Additionally, the group have just set up a Facebook group, please copy and paste the link below if you are interested in joining, to keep up to date on the groups meetings and keep in contact with other parents.