Please share this with as many friends and family as possible.
Two Flu Clinic Days will be held next week. The first clinic will run all day on Monday, 12th November 2018 with the second clinic running during the afternoon of Wednesday, 14 November 2018.
Due to a nationwide supply issue, patients aged 75 and over are asked to make an appointment for Wednesday, 14th November 2018.
However, we can only offer appointments to children aged between 2 and 5 (not in school) and patients aged between 18 and 74 at both clinics.
The practice will run an emergency service only on the Monday Flu Clinic day with GMEDs covering during the afternoon of Wednesday 14th. The prescription line will be open as normal between 8.30am and 11am on both days.
Appointments are available to book now by telephoning (019755 62253) or in person at Reception.
All patients will be asked to complete a form on arrival at the Practice so we would request that you arrive 5 minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment time to allow for this.
The eligibility criteria for Flu vaccination are:-
 Over 65
 Heart disease
 Lung disease (including asthma or COPD)
 Diabetes
 Kidney disease
 Liver disease
 Previous Stroke
 Degenerative disease
 MS
 Pregnant
 Body Mass Index measurement of 40 and above
 Unpaid Carer (if you are an employed carer – please contact your employer)
 Immunocompromising condition, eg receiving chemotherapy/radiotherapy, on DMARD drug etc
It is very important that you protect yourself with a ‘flu vaccine, even if you feel hale and hearty, and we ask that you make an appointment to have this done at the Surgery.
It is equally important to let us know if you do not wish to have a ‘flu vaccination and we would be grateful if you inform Reception on (019755) 62253 so that we can record this in your notes.