Howe of Alford Working Together

The Howe of Alford Community Action Plan was published in Autumn 2018. This followed extensive consultation with individuals and groups across the area. The main issues and aspirations raised by the community were grouped into six themes:
THEME 1 Alford Community Campus
THEME 2 Transport, Recreation and Leisure
THEME 3 Community Health, Well-being and Social Care
THEME 4 Sports and Recreation Facilities
THEME 5 Alford Village Amenities
THEME 6 Housing, Domestic Services and Telecommunications

Community action planning is a dynamic and progressive process that will reflect the priorities of our community. It is dependent on the involvement and energy of the community to enable action to be achieved.

The next stage in making a difference to the Howe of Alford has been the establishment of The Howe of Alford Working Together Group. Individuals and organised groups have met together and linked up around the themes of the Community Action Plan. We want to monitor and support the progression of the Community Action Plan and act as a local forum where different groups can share ideas, issues and support each other.

Meetings are quarterly in the Alford Community Campus. 7-9pm on 13 March 2019, 19 June 2019 18 September 2019 and 4 December 2019. If you or your group want to get involved contact:
Roisin Daly, Development Officer, Marr Area Partnership, 07765 696478
or Andrew Travis 019755 63008.

The minutes of the first meeting held in December 2018 are noted below:-

Brief summary of meeting below:

1. The Group was again well attended. Andy Travis, Donside Community Council(Chair of Community Action Plan Steering Group) agreed to convene 2019 meetings, Roisin Marr Area Partnership agreed to support meetings over 2019 or until the group is well established, Janelle Clark, Marr Area Manager agreed an Area Office representative are happy to attend for info and support also.
2. Monitoring progress of Community Action took place and some fantastic actions progressing with volunteers signed up to tackle/explore some other issues/actions that haven’t progressed so far. (Monitoring Report to follow)
3. Forum-Any Other Business/Sharing News/Info:
• The Alford Valley Railway was raised as an Action that doesn’t feature on the plan but it was agreed that it fitted with addressing issues raised in CAP ‘’Improve the attractiveness, vibrancy’’ and is something the group should monitor progress.
• Events/Festival: It was also suggested that the group could in future look at maybe forming an events group or supporting a new event although no specific volunteers for this at this point. This was recognising how valued and important established events are in the area bringing people together.
4. Future Meetings Format, it was agreed that the quarterly meetings would follow similar format/agenda:
• Firstly Monitoring Action Plan in small groups based on themes, identifying what’s progressing, what’s not.
• Secondly as a full group forum-Raising Any Other Business/Sharing News/Info.
5. Communication for Howe of Alford Working Together: Per and Roisin agreed to look out how this group could communicate together in addition to the quarterly meetings.
6. Dates for Meetings (As noted above)