IMPORTANT – Have your say.

Aberdeenshire Council is seeking the views of North east communities as part of a major review of its roads policy. They are now considering making 20mph the normal speed limit on minor roads in built-up areas and designated town centres while keeping 30/40 mph limits on a strategic network of routes. In terms of pedestrian crossings, the proposed policy would promote prioritisation on an Aberdeenshire-wide basis to ensure that, when funds are available for new crossings, these are spent where the need is greatest. The third aspect of the consultation relates to street trading with the proposed policy aiming to provide greater clarity as to where and when street trading may be permitted on public roads. Among the questions, participants will be asked to provide comment on which locations would be considered appropriate for street trader units, how long they should be allowed to trade for and, for example, whether they should be allowed to use footpaths for tables and chairs to form a street cafe. The online survey and proposed policy documents can be accessed at