Community Campus Concerns

Since the closing of the old school and the move to the new Community Campus many organisations are finding difficulty in arranging sessions at the new Campus especially those who had arrangements in the old Academy building. One particular organisation expressed the following concerns held by many residents.

I have been trying to talk with the campus recently to find out about the theatre and it’s booking etc. After a few phone calls I’ve found out that there is a committee who are currently making a number of decisions regarding the public access to facilities at the campus. This includes things like the theatre, the climbing wall, the Gym etc. etc. The committee is made up of the head teachers, the senior community worker, the senior librarian and the community leisure officer. The worrying thing is that I’ve been told that there may be no decision made about public use of the theatre until after Summer this year! I’ve asked if I can make a representation to the committee to put forward our case and to find out what the problems are that are delaying public access but so far I am only being invited to a one to one meeting with the community leisure officer after the next committee meeting on Wednesday next week. I dare say that I will have a more interesting post for you after this meeting.

I have been informed that the lack of access to the theatre is due to the fact that there is no technician employed to oversee the technical aspects like lighting, sound etc.

If you feel strongly about this  – remember that this is supposed to be a COMMUNITY campus  which means access to all the facilities when they are not being used by the school – please make your concerns known to your local Community Councillor.  You will find an entry detailing the councillor for your area and their contact details on our webpage at

Also the next community council meeting is on Tuesday 9th February at the campus.  These meetings are open to the public so feel free to attend personally and air your views.

Please feel free to post your comments under this post if you support a quicker decision being made about all these community amenities.